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I have the upmost respect for those who live in the fields and find their life's work on the farm. As our industry and customer base change, we must evolve in our marketing and advocacy efforts. My greatest passion is working to make agriculture more successful, whether I am working with a family to transition the ownership and responsibilities of their farm to the next generation or working with producers to more successfully market their products by better understanding the concerns, motivations and buying habits of the consumer.

I am a farmer, wife and mother.

Meet Paige Pratt

— Pamela, Washington

Paige Pratt is one of the most entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable speakers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and listen to. Her thoughtful discussion of agricultural topics make her a must-have when you need a messenger to break the mold.

A good succession plan allows a business to be more stable and profitable as it transitions from one generation to the next.

I work with families to create a plan to transfer the leadership of their business to the next generation. 

Farm Transition

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Attendees will learn how to improve the stability of the company as well as the relationships of the family and they will learn how to build a plan that allows for the transfer of assets as well as the leadership of the business.

Your members will learn how to work as a business by learning tips for improved communication and conflict resolution. 

Professional Speaker: Succession Planning

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Attendees learn how to more successfully engage consumers and promote agriculture by gaining a better understanding of generational differences as well as consumer trends. 

Motivating, insightful and humorous presentations that provide attendees with a better understanding of our evolving consumer. 

Professional Speaker:
Consumer Trends and Advocacy 

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